PT. Kindai Tours & Travel

PT. Kindai Tours & Travel was founded in 1999, as a general travel agency that offers business travel services (International & Domestic), spiritual tourism (Hajj & Umrah), tours (International & Domestic) and document processing. PT. Kindai Tours & Travel has grown into a tourism travel agency and Umrah and Hajj travel agency.

PT. Kindai Tours & Travel is an official pilgrimage travel company registered with the Indonesian Ministry of Religion as an Umrah Worship Trip Organizer (PPIU).

PT. Kindai Tours & Travel has been a member of the Indonesian Tours and Travel Association (ASITA) since 2000 and has been a member of the Association of Muslim Organizers of the Indonesian Hajj and Umrah (AMPHURI) since 2002 (at that time it was still called AMPUH). In 2009, AMPHURI changed to HIMPUH.

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