Full Experienced Experts

PT Thariq Mahmud Enterprise boasts an extensive legacy encompassing commodities handling, mining, hospitality, and trading. Through steadfast partnerships with both public and private enterprises, we have consistently delivered high-quality goods and services. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and integrity remains unwavering.

Thariq Mahmud
Founder of PT Thariq Mahmud Enterprise

With a background in Law, Thariq Mahmud offers over 13 years of invaluable experience. His journey as an entrepreneur has solidified his reputation in mining, trading, and hospitality. An unwavering spirit of entrepreneurship defines Thariq Mahmud as a visionary leader who has charted our company's trajectory.

Nindita Narotama
Trading and Mining Expert

Boasting a wealth of 13+ years in the industry, Nindita Narotama is a true luminary in trading and mining. His extensive knowledge and conservative approach have established her as a driving force behind our successful operations.

Ernie F Widaya
Logistics and Trading Specialist

With a background in Engineering and over a decade of experience, Ernie F Widaya excels in trading and mining. Her expertise extends to the intricate details of logistic shipment documentation, a crucial aspect of our seamless operations.

Hevaam Dwi Styawan
Expert in Mining Engineering and Analysis

Hevaam Dwi Styawan draws from 10+ years in the mining sector, exhibiting exceptional proficiency in analyzing mining projections. Armed with an Engineering degree, his contributions fortify our mining endeavors.

Ziad Habibie
Versatile Engineering Professional

With an Engineering degree and over 10 years of expertise, Ziad Habibie focuses on mining, oil services, and machinery. His insights have proven indispensable in driving our initiatives forward.

Ali Abel
Master of Company Image and Identity

Ali Abel holds a master's degree in Communication and specializes in enhancing company image and identity. His multifaceted expertise spans logistics, particularly within the realm of oil companies.

Our team embodies a blend of experience, knowledge, and innovation. Collectively, we form the cornerstone of PT Thariq Mahmud Enterprise, shaping our legacy of excellence and establishing new standards in the industries we serve.